5 September 2012


9:30 – 13:30


Thinking about the ‘re’ of repetition, reference, reply and recording: how to remake differently while making the (apparently) same gestures?

Antony Hudek and Fabien Pinaroli Reviving and reactivating: two modalities of reexhibition

Pierre Bal-Blanc Reversibility for RE / RE for Reversibility

Émilie Parendeau Replica of Grinder Chess (1965) by Takako Saito, a practical case study

Mathieu Copeland — Lucas Bouissou — Joël Vacheron Reprise 1 — Reprise 2 and Violence in Music

Olivier Bosson REC

14:00 – 17:30

Celebration of the Body

Session devoted to histories of the body and performative historiography, or to the question: how to narrate histories whose stability is undermined by the movement of particular bodies?

Kiff Bamford How can ‘I’ become ‘Je’ and should I even try? Gina Pane’s ‘minor’ action. 

Charles Aubin Afterwardsness

Adrien Sina Feminine Futures: Performance, Dance, War, Politics and Eroticism

Ju Hyun Lee and Ludovic Burel KVM 2 (Korean Vitra Museums)


IAIN BAXTER& in conversation with Christophe Domino (public event)


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