6 September 2012


9:30 – 12:30


Between the monument and the minimum, these monographic interventions retell heroic art historical stories in a ‘minor’ key.

Jacqueline Rose’s “She”, read by Will Holder (…for single mothers)

Christian Leigh Projections by CS Leigh: I Was Jack Goldstein
Discussion on Philippe Thomas’ The Human Voice

Jean-Philippe Antoine and Leif Elggren Mussel, Muse, Medusa

14:00 – 16:30

Toeing the lines : Round table & discussion

A discussion about the institutional frameworks capable of sustaining the ‘minority’ of certain performances and exhibitions.

Pierre Bal Blanc, Christophe Domino, Antony Hudek, Fabien Pinaroli, Alex Sainsbury, Lucy Steeds and Catherine Wood


MoM (Stéphane Deplan, Eleonore Pano-Zavaroni, Jeremy Glatre): Museum of Museum 


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